Don's Thoughts On Statistics, And You….

Posted on Sep 21, 2012 by in Uncategorized

“Used to be that only direct marketing executives ever showed much interest in statistics. They relied on detailed analyses of response rates to evaluate various lists of potential direct mail recipients, and they regularly calculated profitability in terms of likelihoods and confidence intervals. Most business managers outside the direct marketing industry, on the other hand, could work their whole careers without ever encountering a standard deviation or a false correlation. Business decisions used numbers and facts, certainly, but most decisions about the future were still…guesses about the future. Educated guesses, yes, but guesses nonetheless. And you don’t need statistical reasoning to decide whether a business goal is achievable, or a new market is ripe for entering”.  Check out Don Peppers latest blog at Fast Company: Statistics Are Everywhere, So You’d Better Master How to Use Them

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