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About the Book

In the age of the Web, smartphones, and social networks, every action an organization takes can be exposed and critiqued in real time. If you treat one customer unfairly, produce one shoddy product, or try to gouge one price, the whole world may find out in hours, if not minutes, thanks to outlets like Twitter, Yelp, and Epinions.

In EXTREME TRUST: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage (published April 2012), Don Peppers and Martha Rogers argue that the only sane response to these rising levels of transparency is to protect the interests of customers proactively, before they have a chance to spread negative buzz – even if that requires spending extra money in the short run. The payoff of generating extreme trust and long-term customer relationships will be worth it.

The authors show how this trend is playing out across different sectors, including how:

  • Banks will soon have to stop relying on overdraft charges, because so many of them are based on simple customer error.
  • Credit card companies will have to coach customers on avoiding excessive borrowing.
  • Cell phone providers will have to help customers find the cheapest calling plans for their usage patterns.
  • Retailers will have to remind customers when a gift card or rebate card has gone unused or may be lost.

With a wealth of fascinating research as well as practical applications, this book shows you how to earn – and keep – the extreme trust of everyone your company interacts with.